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I was looking for love...

And I found it in my new WRX. Every time I throw the shifter into first, I can feel the throttle and HP running up my legs! Ha! Besides the erotic features of a 265-hp turbocharged engine, I love the stability of the chassis and the awesome interior and Navigation system. I LOVE MY SUBARU! -John C., Monroeville, PA

This handsome guy is Otis.

He's a dream to drive on a daily basis and gets very good mileage. We wanted a car that would be guaranteed to get us through any winter conditions and a car that would hold all our necessary cargo. My husband can't wait to get him in the snow. Otis needs to get dirty, and I know that he does, but it's not gonna be easy for me (at least not the first time). -Catherine K., Glen Burnie, MD

After sliding around on the Mountain roads of the Sierra Nevada

for years, it was time to get back into a safe Outback. We purchased the Outback for my birthday. We later found out that my twin brother in Flagstaff, AZ also purchased a 2010 Outback for his birthday! I guess twins and great minds do think alike. -Mark C., Clio, CA

3 generations of women in my family love Subaru!

Sister, Mom and Gram have Forester, Outback and Legacy and all have adventures to tell. Big roadtrips following winter storms to catch fresh powder, early mornings to catch glassy lakes for a paddle in the kayaks, long rides to classic California trailheads. The women in my life are adventurous, fun and busy Subaru owners and they will probably always will be. -Chris C., Walnut Creek, CA

I drive about 20,000 miles a year

and live not too far from Cleveland, OH where the lake effect can dump a lot of snow in a short period of time. Combined with being almost 6'3" tall, the Outback was the ONLY vehicle where I could completely straighten my legs and have a lot of head room. So if you fit any of the following criteria, this vehicle is for you: tall, live in the snow-belt, want good gas mileage, like tons of options, have a high residual value, or an outstanding safety rating, the Outback is a no-brainer! -Mark D., Warren OH

I love the Outback and the comfort and versatility

it gives my wife and me. We love taking it places that we have to work the AWD. We live in Idaho where we get a good amount of snow and ice, and I feel comfortable with my wife driving to work everyday in a car built to handle these conditions. Thanks for your forward thinking. -John S., Rexburg, ID

This is at Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming

on February 10th, 2009. We were returning home to Ohio from our month-long ski trip in Colorado. We were glad we made the large detour. -Guy L., Cleveland, OH

I took a three-week vacation earlier this year

and drove my Baja from North Carolina to Montana and then down to the Grand Canyon. I went through 9 national parks on my trip and saw some amazing parts of the country. 21 days and 8,400 miles later, my Baja brought me back home with no problems during the entire trip. -Craig A., Statesville, NC

This is our old Subaru on her way to giving us our BEST camping season ever!

I look forward to many more adventures in my new one! -Jessica S., Stevensville, MT

I was born and raised in New York,

but it took moving to Colorado to learn that Subaru is the car of choice in that state. I bought my first Subaru out there and after seventeen years I'm back in NY, but I'll never stray from Subaru. I just bought another one this year. There is no car on the road that handles driving in bad weather like a Subaru does. As long as I live where there is snow and winter, I'll drive a Subaru. -Susan G., Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

My list of "needs" for a vehicle sounds impossible:

I need four doors and seating for my family. I need good gas mileage for my 100 mile round trip commute. I need the ability to tow dirt bikes down unimproved roads. I need cargo room for three riders worth of muddy dirt-bike gear. I need the ability to drive safely on unplowed, snowy streets. And lastly, I need a car that is comfortable and fun to drive. My Forester does it all easily and it makes me smile. No other vehicle comes close to meeting all those needs. -William J., O'Fallon, IL

When a friend and I took a side job to demolish a concrete block house,

we did not have any heavy machinery. But with only my Subaru and a borrowed tow rope, we pulled most of the unbelievably heavy walls down. -Adam B., Jacksonville, FL

There is nothing like watching the jaws drop

on all the full size 4x4 owners when you run circles around them on the Oregon Dunes in an 85 GL wagon! Love my Subaru! -William H., Salem, OR

My Subaru and I have worked on feature films in LA & NYC,

caught huge fish in Key West, wrangled cattle in Wyoming, did the 2-step in Texas and most recently, took a boat to Kauai, Hawaii. Now we celebrate our time together as the only Legacy GT and first female helicopter pilot on the island. Many, many thanks for a lifetime of freedom and dependability! Aloha! -Caryll L., Kilauea, HI

I have had a rural paper route for 24 years.

I drive in some of the worst weather in this country, and I am constantly in the ditch or off the road delivering papers. In the half million miles plus that I have driven, NOT ONCE have I ever been stuck. My Forester has 170,000 miles and still has the original exhaust, wheels and brake lines. Subaru, I salute you. -Kenneth H., Biddeford, ME

I live to saltwater fly fish.

I own a shallow-water skift boat and needed a car for towing the boat. I also love to fish the surf, so I need a car to drive on the sandy beaches. The Subaru Tribeca was the perfect match for me. -Jack K., Missouri City, TX

I took my Outback to the Acadia National Park in Maine

to do some kayaking, biking, hiking and camping with 7 friends. We took a few cars to accommodate everyone's stuff but my Outback was a hit. I was able to pack it to the brim with all our gear for two weeks of adventures. The car did very well with 2 kayaks, 4 bikes and 4 people in it. Seeing it fully decked out really encompassed what a Subaru should look like. -Andrew C., Wall, NJ

I love my '98 Legacy because no matter where I'm headed,

there's fun behind every drive. The AWD has gotten me out of a couple tight spots, especially in the rough-and-tumble New England winters. I had a host of other options to pick from when getting my first car, but I had a funny feeling that choosing a Subaru would be the right choice. I don't regret a second in that car. I may only be 17 but I'll be a Subaru owner for life! -Brandon K., Avon, CT

I purchased a used Outback Sport with 89,600 miles on it.

I honestly didn't expect it to go much longer than 100,000 miles. This was over 4 years ago and our little "turtle" (as we lovingly named it) has gone over 230,000 trouble-free miles. To say this little car has been the best I've ever had would be the understatement of the year. -Brandon H., Grand Forks, ND

After driving 1,500 miles across the country

and going 11,750 feet up into the Rocky Mountains, my Subaru and I were finally free to be one with nature. -Brynn I., State College, PA

I have a bright red 1998 Subaru Impreza with 287,000 miles on it.

It's still on the original engine. It has been up and down the Alcan Highway from Alaska to California many times. A lot of those trips go up and down the Dalton Highway, also known as the Pipeline Haul Road. I hope to ride it forever. I think it has eternal life! -Caren D., Palmer, AK

I am the operations manager of a Social Service agency located in Pittsburgh, PA.

We lease or own 33 Subarus and our staff really enjoy driving them and find them to be a safe, reliable and almost maintenance-free vehicle. Our vehicle maintenance department likes them for the same reason. Keep up the good work. -Dennis K., Pittsburgh, PA

Every year my family gets together at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.

Part of our holiday tradition is to cut Christmas trees from the forested land my parents live on, so we each take our own Subaru Outbacks out into the woods. It is a great family tradition as well as a great way to restore the forest's health. -Eric O., Fort Collins, CO

My niece needed a reliable car so I gave her my '94 Subaru Legacy.

Then one day, for the first time ever, it wouldn't start. Our mechanic asked us to try our spare key. It started right up! After 200,000 miles, the key had worn out before the car! -Ginger C., Hood, VA

I decided to try something new, so I entered a Subaru-only autocross race.

While my car is nothing compared to some of the other STIs in the race, I loved every minute of it! I love the fact that my car can do performance driving but is reliable and safe, too. -Glennis H., Indianapolis, IN

The moonroof on my 2007 Forester

was very helpful on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We were able to stand up with our camera and take pictures of the bison that roam the park, including the roads. -Helen M., San Diego, CA

On my last canyonerring trip of the season,

my Forester got me everywhere I needed to be -- through sand, to the canyon and back again. -Kara H., Salt Lake City, UT

My friends and I spent several months

converting my Subaru Outback into a replica of the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters. When we rolled out, people went crazy. Some had to rub their eyes to make sure they weren't seeing things. - Kevin H., Fort Collins, CO

My Subaru has over 364,000 miles on it.

It has never been rebuilt and is in pretty decent condition. Of course, a little paint wouldn't hurt. -Kristin T., Carson, WA

My wife and I absolutely love our Tribeca!

In August we drove from Chicago to Yellowstone and back. The car was perfect for the conditions and made the 3,652 miles a joy. I wouldn't want to spend 72 hours and 14 minutes in any other car! -Nathan H., Chicago, IL

Through the years I've treated my Subaru like a pick-up truck.

I've hauled bricks, lumber, a snowthrower, plants, trees and furniture in the back. I've carried skis, bikes, kayaks, cargo boxes, a plastic jungle gym, drywall and even a 15 foot oak church pew on top. She might be in need of few things but she still starts up every morning. -Rick P., Davisburg, MI

I was driving up I-80 when an earthquake occurred.

A four-foot boulder came down the hillside and I collided with it going around 60 mph. I am lucky to be alive because I was lucky enough to buy a Subaru. -Robert P., Reno, NV

We were pre-Subaru car owners when my mother-in-law drove up from Albany to visit us.

She came in her Subaru Outback before we had the chance to plow the snow. I didn't think she would be crazy enough to try the nearly foot-deep snow, but she did. I didn't think she'd try to do more than park it at the end of our driveway, but she did. I didn't think she'd make it all the way to the end of our 600' driveway, but she did. We've been Subie owners ever since, with an '00, an '03, and an '08 all blue Outbacks. -Russ N., Potsdam, NY

As our friends waved us off,

my new husband and I jumped in our not-so-new Subaru. I would've felt silly wasting money on a car and a driver to take us 12 miles home. I enjoyed driving off in our own car. I wouldn't have it any other way. -RuthAnn D., Kennett Square, PA

I finally am driving my newest Outback.

I say "newest" because this marks my fifth Outback and my ninth straight Subaru. My new Outback is the most comfortable car I've owned. The leather seats fit like gloves and the extra room will be appreciated by my real estate customers. My Subaru runs in all weather, from snow-covered streets to muddy roads, with ease. Come winter, I can show any property at any time and never being deterred by bad roads. -Steve M., Meriden CT

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