Finance Your Next Purchase with Metro West Subaru in Natick

When you're shopping for that next car or SUV to enhance your driving experience, any old model just won't do. If you're looking for a model that can handle the rough Boston winter roads or if you just want an SUV that provides plenty of space for you and your passengers, the Subaru lineup here at Metro West Subaru is the perfect place to start! From beginning to end, we ensure that your shopping experience with us gets you a model that matches your lifestyle, like the iconic Subaru Outback, and we'll walk you through the whole financing process whether you prefer an auto loan or lease.

With our financing, we're even happy to perform a credit check to help determine your credit score and see what kind of financing we can get you on your new Subaru. If you're looking for a nice, convenient way to check your credit score in Norwood, our finance team is happy to help out! However, you might be unsure what a credit check might do to your credit score, and sometimes, a credit check can have a negative impact that lowers your score and potentially causes issues when you're looking to finance a house. At Metro West Subaru, our goal is to avoid any potential problems which is why we use a tool that only does Soft Pulls on your credit score.

You might find yourself wondering what the difference between a hard and soft credit check is. Our finance team has pulled information together to show you what each does and how they can impact your credit score. Check out some information below!

What is a Hard Pull on Your Credit Score?

A hard credit check, or pull, occurs when a lender reviews your credit report as part of the decision-making process. With this type of inquiry, you'll find the check appears on your credit report, and it can also influence your credit score. Typically, you'll find that these occur most often when taking a look at mortgages, auto loans, or credit cards, but they do need your permission to do so. They are usually tied to an actual credit application, which is why they can affect your credit scores.

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What is a Soft Pull on Your Credit Score?

A soft credit check, or pull, occurs when you check your credit report or give permission to review your credit report. These often occur when businesses pre-approve you for offers. The largest benefit to a soft pull is that they don't affect your credit score because they aren't considered to be a factor in credit-scoring models. Potential lenders won't be able to see them, either, which is why our dealership prefers to use soft pulls during the pre-approval process.

Why Do We Use Soft Pulls Over Hard Pulls?

With a soft pull, we won't have any kind of negative impact on your credit score. If you were to work with a dealership that only had hard pulls, this could potentially damage your chances to get a mortgage approved for a new house. A soft pull won't have the same impact, and you'll be safe knowing that you can get pre-approved without the same impact!

Finance Your Next Purchase with Metro West Subaru near Belmont, MA

We're happy to walk you through the finance process and find a loan or lease that works with your monthly budget. Swing by our dealership in Natick today, and we'll get the process started by doing a soft pull on your credit score to get you pre-approved as soon as possible! We can't wait to meet you in person and help you get behind the wheel of a new Subaru today!