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End of Lease Options at MetroWest Subaru

As the end of your lease term approaches, you might be wondering how to handle returning your lease and finding your next vehicle solution. Save yourself time and money by returning any lease Subaru to MetroWest Subaru, even if you purchase the vehicle at another dealership! We're centrally located for Massachusetts drivers in Natick, MA, and we're happy to quickly process your lease return so you can get on your way in no time at all. Check out your options down below and see how easy it is to return your lease at MetroWest Subaru!

Lease Return Options in Natick, MA

The Subaru Motor Company doesn't want you to feel like you only have one solution when returning your lease - that's why you can enjoy four different routes that apply to a variety of lifestyles.

  • Get a New Subaru: Interested in seeing what the latest Subaru Outback has in store for you? Return your lease and start a new plan with the latest model available, allowing you to upgrade every few years and enjoy new technology and features.
  • Purchase Your Current Subaru: Did you fall in love with your current lease and aren't looking to let it go? Our finance team can discuss payment plan options with you that help you pay off the remaining balance and own your Subaru.
  • Extend Your Lease: Not ready to make a decision just yet? You can request a one-time, six-month extension that gives you time to choose an option that works best for your next Subaru vehicle.
  • Lease Turn-In: Finally, you can choose to turn your lease in on the predetermined date and walk away without making a decision. There is no obligation to purchase or lease with us at this time, but we're happy to help you explore options as well!

As a bonus, if you return your lease to MetroWest Subaru, you can earn anywhere between $100 to $1,000. This bonus is based on vehicle condition and mileage, so be sure to reach out to our lease-end team to see how you can qualify!

We encourage you to visit our dealership in Natick, MA, to determine what you need to return your lease at MetroWest Subaru! We look forward to making it easy to turn in your Subaru lease!

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