When it comes to your Subaru vehicle, you always want to make sure that it's performing at the highest level and doesn't require any repairs. That's why we encourage Subaru drivers in the Boston area to use our Subaru recall lookup tool to find out if their vehicle currently has a part being recalled. Recalls happen sometimes, and it's important that you don't miss out and getting the recalled part replaced. It only takes a minute to look up your vehicle, and if it currently has a recall, we'll take care of it in our Natick service center at no cost to you.

How Do I Check if My Vehicle has a Recall?

If you purchased your Subaru vehicle at our dealership, or any other Subaru dealership in the Belmont area, you'll receive a letter in the mail informing you of a current recall on your vehicle. If you purchased your Subaru vehicle from a third-party dealership or online, you might not receive that letter as you won't be in the Subaru system. That's why we offer the Subaru recall lookup tool. You can lookup your vehicle simply by inputting the VIN number, or you can opt to fill in a quick form with the model, year, and trim level of your vehicle. The system will lookup your vehicle and tell you in seconds if there's a current recall.

Easily Schedule a Service Appointment Online for all Recalls

If your vehicle does have a recall, you can quickly and easily schedule a service appointment online. We happily cover all Subaru recalls at no cost to you and can even provide you with a loaner vehicle to use while your vehicle is being repaired, allowing you to get back to your busy schedule in Norwood without skipping a beat.

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