When life gets in the way, its easy to start making sacrifices in order to save time. Unfortunately for many, one of the easy sacrifices to make is your vehicle maintenance. We understand – the time commitment can sometimes feel like too much in the middle of a busy schedule. That’s where MetroWest can help. Our Subaru Express Service allows you to bring your Subaru to our service center with no appointment needed, so you can take advantage of that sudden free hour to give your vehicle some much-needed attention.

Express Services Offered

Reasonably, you might be wondering which services are available through our Express Service Program. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of the most basic and important services that your vehicle needs to live a long, healthy, and safe life with you at the helm.

Of course, oil and filter change services are available through our Express Service platform, allowing you to keep your engine protected from the rigors of commuter traffic and excessive heat soak by replacing old, thin oil with a fresh batch that can do the job right.

With any all-wheel drive vehicle such as a Subaru, it is critical to your safety that you have even tire wear on all four tires. Tire rotation can help you achieve this by swapping your hard-working front tires with your less worn rears every few thousand miles. Do this frequently and you can double the life of every set of tires, saving you money and keeping you safe when inclement weather hits and your all-wheel drive system is put to the test.

Battery testing and replacement services ensure that you are never left stranded because your car won’t start. If you notice dim lights, your vehicle is difficult to start, or functions like your clock or gauges begin behaving strangely, it’s likely that your battery needs replacing. Either way, we’ll test it and replace it if needed, getting you back on the road ASAP.

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Check out all of the express service options available at our Subaru Service Center and keep us in mind the next time your Subaru needs some love and you need to get in and out in a hurry. We can do both and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that expert Subaru technicians can do the job right.

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