Nothing is more important than the safety of your young and student drivers but we can’t always protect them in every situation. Nothing can really prepare any driver for what to do in an accident but the InControl program is making strides to help younger drivers with some tips and tricks. Our goal is to help support driving safety and drive a developmental course for young drivers to increase healthy driving habits.

The program tackles a serious problem in the country and that’s automobile crashes. These can lead to serious injuries and even death and the goal is to ensure our young drivers are thoroughly prepared for these issues. InControl provides a hands-on learning experience that puts drivers in real world, emergency situations on a closed course and a controlled environment. The program is modeled after countries that have the safest driving records and it will help drivers develop the skills needed to make the right decisions in these situations.

As a Subaru dealership, we’re happy to fully back this program and endorse it for the young Subaru drivers in the Natick area. It’s important to us that we keep trying to find ways to increase driver safety on the roads and our hope is to make this a requirement on tests for Junior Operators everywhere!Nothing is more important to us than keeping our drivers safe. We’re happy to help you explore our new Subaru inventory and discover the safety features standard throughout the lineup. If you have a young driver, we highly encourage you to check out the InControl program and help them learn how to stay safe when the situation gets out of control!